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PostSubject: Rules   Sat Jul 24, 2010 7:01 am

All rules must be followed. If one is to be broken, the "bad boy," will get banned.

1. Absolutely no profanity allowed in forums as well as in the Chatbox. Offenses will result in warnings. If you do it constantly it can result in ban.

2. No pornography of any kind. If there is any Staff will be choosing your punishment.

3. Please try to be as active as possible and participate in events.

4. Please no huge signatures.If there are any the will be removed and a warning will be given.

5. No double posting please. We try to keep the forum clean and easier to access.

6. Members are not to argue. If members do start to argue Staff members will try to resolve the problem but even so warnings will be given.

7. Members are to respect all Staff members. If one is treating you unfairly contact the Headmaster or Vice Headmaster.

8. Administrators can ban whom ever they please as long as there is a good reason.

9. All final decisions will be decided by Vice Headmaster and Headmaster. If neither is available Administrators will take over.

10. Please allow staff members the time to handle your needs. We are very busy but are willing to help as long as we can work together.

11. Please treat others as you would want them to treat you.

12. If staff decides to renounce their position as a staff member, they will NOT be allowed back into staff at anytime unless specified otherwise.

13. If a student brings up anything that threatens "the Dark Alliance" or its members with hacking, they will be banned from the entire clan and their IP will be banned immediately. No exceptions.

14. Please do not spam. Offenses will lead to warnings and ultimately a ban.

15. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO discrimination of another person(s) race, background, sexual preference, religion, ethnicity etc. Violations will result on warnings and may lead to ban.

16. Please limit all conversation concerning Religion whenever possible. There are many amazing faiths here but we cant all agree on one. To avoid disputes, please avoid the topic.

Thank You.

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